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What to Expect When Installing Wide Plank Wood Floors

What to Expect When Installing Wide Plank Wood Floors

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In a market where over 55 percent of the hardwood floors sold today are wide plank wood floors, Central Oregon is experiencing the same demand. Luckily, The Hardwood Floor Company can do it all. From hardwood to luxury vinyl plank, there’s no install we can’t handle. And when installing wide plank wood floors inside your home or space, the process doesn’t look all that different.

Your Wide Plank Wood Floors

The difference between wide plank and narrow plank flooring might seem obvious at first glance. Wide plank flooring typically starts at 5 inches wide, while narrow planks tend to be in the 2 to 4 inches range. Because there’s more surface area per plank, wider flooring tends to show more of the grains and natural features of the board. This contributes to a more rustic feel. Wide plank wood floors can also make a room feel bigger, or more open, especially if you opt for a light-colored wood.

Challenges with Wide Plank Wood Floors

We can’t trace any installation problems back to the actual width of the planking. In fact, when installing wide plank wood floors, we encounter many of the same challenges we face with narrow planks. For a beautiful, durable, and well-installed wide plank wood floor, you’ll need quality materials, adequately cured wood, sufficient acclimation to the climate in your home, and proper installation. Because wide plank floors are wider, it can be more challenging to get proper fit between boards, especially if you’re working with a lower quality product. Wide plank boards also have lower humidity tolerance, making them more prone to cupping. Luckily, the expert team at The Hardwood Floor Company specializes in quality installation for all types of flooring—even wide plank wood floors.

Featured Wide Plank Wood Floor: Legno Bastone

One of our favorite engineered wide plank wood floors is, without a doubt, Legno Bastone. This brand describes their floors as “more than just a product, but a passion,” and we believe this popular choice for residential homes creates an exceptional living space. Whether you’re looking for rustic charm, or light wood planking to open up a small space, wide plank wood floor lends a one-of-a-kind charm to your living space. Contact The HFC today to see if wide plank wood floors are the best choice for your home.