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The Greenguard Gold Certification

The Greenguard Gold Certification

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The Greenguard Gold Certification

The world in the year 2020 has never been a more environmentally conscious one. From avid recycling, usage of reusable containers, and cars that drive clean—the world’s view is on helping our beautiful Earth. The Greenguard Gold Certification is yet another way you can be confident in aiding the environment.

What is it?

The Greenguard Gold Certification is awarded only to interior products that have undergone stringent testing for low chemical emissions. This helps to improve the overall air quality wherever the products are used in your home or business. They aid consumers in making educated choices in environmentally conscious purchases and help manufacturers produce products that meet its strict criteria. It also empowers wood floor companies, such as The Hardwood Floor Company, in choosing products that align with their customers’ values around supporting the environment and sustainability. The UL Environment’s Greenguard Certification program is acknowledged by sustainable building programs and building codes globally.  

Why is this important?

Did you know that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Pollutants originate from activities, products, and materials that we could be using on a daily basis. With the average human spending 90% of their time indoors, would you say the exposure to those pollutants is in the least bit concerning?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) suggests that the average human obtains up to 72% of their chemical pollutant exposure from their own homes! Just imagine, the place we hold as safest could be what is exposing us the most to potentially harmful particles. From poor air ventilation, chemicals, mold, and particulates, all of these toxins can be found in our furnishings, building materials, and household products. All of them contribute to poor indoor air quality, which then could lead to negative health effects and allergies.

Why choose Greenguard Gold?

These sobering statistics are what motivated Greenguard Gold Certification to award their seal to truly deserving products focused on protecting us from these harsh toxins. These products have been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals to ensure they are safe and healthy for indoor environments. The USEPA names “source control” as the best strategy to reduce indoor air pollution and limit chemical exposure. Meaning, to simply shop smart—whether for wood floors, luxury vinyl planking, carpet, luxury vinyl plank or more, simply choose green. It is near impossible to rid a home  of all of its toxins. The wisest course of action, however, is to choose carefully when it comes to the products, building materials and, importantly, flooring in your Bend or Central Oregon home.

Helping the Earth win: The Hardwood Floor Company, Greenguard, and you

The Hardwood Floor Company recognizes how vital it is to be safe and comfortable in your home. Our goal is to provide you with the education needed to make safe decisions with your home build or renovation. We proudly support environmentally friendly floor manufacturers and offer products with the Greenguard Gold Certification Stamp in our showroom for the protection of customers like you. Visit our boutique showroom, and you’ll find we’re happy to point you in the direction of a certified flooring to fit your style, lifestyle, and needs. Make the earth smile! Contact us today to shop Greenguard Certified wood flooring, carpet, luxury vinyl plank or alternative flooring solutions at The Hardwood Floor Company in Bend.