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How COREtec Flooring Protects Your Central Oregon Home

How COREtec Flooring Protects Your Central Oregon Home

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How COREtec Flooring Protects Your Central Oregon Home

Life is full of little moments that could seem insignificant. However, when you look back, you realize they were significant—for better or for worse. Moments like your little ones dragging their muddy footprints through the house. Bringing home a new furry member of the family. Spilling a glass of merlot. Rearranging your living room. The memories and moments are endless! So as a hardwood floor company, we get it: Your busy Central Oregon household means your floors are at risk for potential damage. Lucky for you, there is a simple floor solution that won’t break the bank: Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVP. It is a stellar option for busy households! COREtec LVP floors will protect your home while giving you an authentic flooring aesthetic. Score!

Why consider COREtec floors?

COREtec Floor is the original waterproof LVP floor. COREtec’s innovators were searching for a way to revolutionize the industry rather than follow in the footsteps of others. Ultimately, this strategy led this luxury vinyl plank manufacturer to create the first 100% waterproof and rigid core flooring product. With a patented design, COREtec stands by three core values in each of their products: strength, style, and simplicity.


COREtec’s floors are known for their durability, resilience, and overall versatility. Whether you have rambunctious kids and pets, or an unexpected plumbing leak, the 100% waterproof core provides a protective wear layer that keeps your floors strong. COREtec is so confident in its floor’s strength that each buyer gets a limited lifetime warranty for all residential installations.

How COREtec Flooring Protects Your Central Oregon Home


What’s a floor worth if it doesn’t look good? COREtec is all about upgrading the aesthetics of your home or business. Their easy to navigate website boasts the “Floor Visualizer” so you can envision their catalog of options in your space. Additionally, The Hardwood Floor Company offers a variety of COREtec floors in our boutique showroom to guarantee you find the perfect luxury vinyl plank floor for your next home remodel.


Home improvements take time and energy. However, COREtec flooring’s simple design is easy to install. The Hardwood Floor Company can conveniently install COREtec flooring over your existing floors. And when you buy through us, our expert workmanship and 4-step process afford customers with optimal LVP flooring and installation.

COREtec floors consist of four key layers

  1. A 20-millimeter wear layer provides durability to protect against damage and stains.
  2. The next layer includes  a variety of wood and stone style options for an authentic touch.
  3. The core structure layer eliminates ripples and waves caused by unevenness in your subfloor. Its firm stability stands against expanding and contracting while a tap-and-lock system allows easy floating installation. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof.
  4. Attached cork padding provides insulation and protection from dampening.

When it comes to choosing a well-rounded floor for everyday life, you can’t go wrong with COREtec flooring. Stop by our boutique showroom, to check out the most extensive COREtec display in Central Oregon! The Hardwood Floor Company is one of the Pacific Northwest’s exclusive dealers for the COREtec Grande Line, COREtec’s approach to the ever-popular wide plank look. We’ll find the floor that’s right for you so you can get back to savoring life’s little moments.