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Legno Bastone, floors spanning a century

Legno Bastone, floors spanning a century

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Legno Bastone, floors spanning a century

The literal translation of the Italian words Legno Bastone is “Wood Stick.” But one good look at their product lines, and you can see for yourself why this wood floor manufacturer is so much more than that. Their unique qualities are the exact qualities that set them apart from the competition:

Wide Plank

Wood floor manufacturer Legno Bastone painstakingly measures and vets each sawn log for width, length, knots and grains. International architects, designers, and builders pine over the wide plank look. Not only does it add length to a room, it adds an exclusive style that many endeavor to achieve. It’s more than just a trend, it’s an ever-popular style choice, a fact we’ve noticed time and time again at our Bend, Oregon hardwood flooring company. In Central Oregon, modern open-concept homes beg for a floor that complements the design of the home. Legno’s wide plank floors enhance the overall flow of an open concept home. Additionally, with more surface area to each plank, there is more attention drawn to the wood’s natural grain. Legno makes a conservative and bold decision to let the floors do the talking by simply enhancing the plank’s natural beauty. Sap wood lines can even be clearly seen in some collection’s finishes. This allows for a unique aesthetic experience for each Legno owner.

A family legacy

Established in the 1800s, Legno Bastone is a legacy, one still owned and operated by the original families’ fourth and fifth generation.  The company was started by one man with a robust dream. He dreamed of creating stunning spaces for all who could lend themselves to his vision. He never compromised on quality and started with simple means. Now, the name Legno Bastone is more than what it meant a century ago. Legno, as a well-established company, has evolved into a leader in the manufacturing of their French White Oak floors. However, for over 100 years, the mission of this wood floors company has remained unchanged: upholding the old European traditions of engineering, manufacturing, and design. They are committed to careful craftsmanship and unparalleled quality.

Relic trees, environmental responsibility

Legno sources their raw wood from the finest forests Europe has to offer. Typically the trees chosen to become future Legno floors are well over 150 years old! They’re meticulously nurtured throughout their lifetime for the benefit of society and the environment. Legno truly cares about the betterment of the environment and works toward a green footprint. They believe the use of these relic trees is a firm responsibility, tied to preserving their legacy. Anything less would be an injustice to not only the trees, but the people working tirelessly to conserve them for centuries.

Why choose Legno

When you choose Legno Bastone floors for your Bend or Central Oregon home, you are preserving the century-long legacies of both a family’ and a forest. These floors exude authenticity, virtue and old-world charm, echoing a time of strenuous craftsmanship and one man’s dream.

Today, this wood floor manufacturer offers its quality planks through four different collections: Dolce Vita, European Elegance, La Famiglia, and Vino.ach line comes with its own unique finishes and wear-layer widths. Stop by our boutique showroom, Legno Bastone’s exclusive Oregon dealer, to see the quality of a Legno floor for yourself. At Hardwood Floor Company, we’ll be delighted to show you samples, plus explain our 4-step process behind our wood floor installation