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Looking for Livable Luxury Hardwoods? We’ve Got Greyne Flooring

Looking for Livable Luxury Hardwoods? We’ve Got Greyne Flooring

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As Central Oregon’s premier flooring experts, The Hardwood Floor Company (HFC) is proud to announce that we are now a Greyne Livable Luxury Hardwoods authorized dealer. Offering Greyne flooring options to every customer makes it that much easier to find the perfect floor for your new home.

What to Know About Greyne Flooring and Livable Luxury Hardwoods

The Greyne Company specializes in a variety of high-quality wide plank engineered flooring. Their selection includes four new designer-inspired collections called the Tahoe, Newport, Estate, and Reserve that encompass 28 current running lines of products.

With so many colors and finish options to choose from, Greyne’s singular goal is to make sure your dream floor comes to life. These new Greyne’s flooring products will impress you with their luxurious appearance and comfortable feel.

Customize Your Greyne Flooring

Greyne’s standard colors are a high-quality, affordable option. But if you want to get creative, you can also get a custom-tailored floor.

You can make your floor the way you want it with Greyne’s array of wire brushing and sheen selections. Even better, you can choose your preferred plank lengths.

The HFC’s highly skilled designers will work with you to get the look you’ve envisioned with Greyne Livable Luxury Hardwoods. Want to match the color of your floors with your favorite furniture? No problem. Maybe you want your floors to feature the colors of your favorite sports team. We can do that too! With Greyne products, The Hardwood Floor Company has you covered.

Greenguard Certified

Greyne’s floors aren’t just durable and luxurious. They also increase the air quality inside your home. As an engineered hardwood floor, they won’t collect allergens like dust, dirt, pet hair, pollen, and mites the same way carpet does. Also, Greyne flooring is finished with premium Bona water-based polyurethane, you get superior protection with a natural look. The Bona-finish process is what makes these Greyne flooring Greenguard certified.

To achieve Greenguard certification a product must be safe for installation inside hypersensitive indoor spaces, like childcare facilities and hospitals. The product also needs to meet strict chemical emission limits after undergoing rigorous testing for over 10,000 different chemicals. Since every Greyne floor goes through this process, Greenguard certification makes your home a safer place to live.

What You’ll Get With Greyne Livable Luxury Hardwoods

When you choose Greyne Livable Luxury Hardwoods as your new floor, you’ll get:

  • Customizable finishing options
  • A floor color to fall in love with or one you want to make your own
  • Exceptional durability and protection
  • A product that’s safe for your home
  • All at a great price

The Hardwood Floor Company is a one-stop-shop to get custom floors the way you want. With Greyne’s unique look and elegant touch you won’t find another floor in Central Oregon with the same quality and sophistication. Swing by The HFC boutique showroom and see why the Greyne Company’s livable luxury hardwoods are the flooring every home deserves.